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To Live with Honor and Die with Honor: The Story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (Long)

2013 marks 70 years since a small band of Jewish fighters launched the heroic Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, on April 19, 1943. 13,000 Jews were killed in the ghetto during the uprising - some 6,000 among them were burnt alive or died from other causes. The Germans had planned to liquidate the Warsaw ghetto in three days, but the heroic ghetto fighters held out for more than a month. Throughout Europe, Jewish partisan and resistance units displayed remarkable courage in resisting the enemy despite the overwhelming military superiority of the Nazi war machine. Over 30,000 Jewish men and women served as partisans in the forests of Eastern Europe. Armed Jewish resistance took place in approximately 60 ghettoes, 5 major concentration/death camps & 18 forced labour camps The annual March of the Living program brings thousands of young people from around the world each year on Holocaust Remembrance Day to Auschwitz-Birkenau to honour the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and to pledge to build a better world for all humanity. After visiting other places of Nazi German persecution as well as once thriving sites of Jewish life and culture, participants travel to Israel, the birthplace and homeland of the Jewish People. In Israel, they tour the length and breadth of the land, visiting its ancient and modern sites, as well as commemorating Israel's fallen soldiers on Yom Hazikaron and celebrating Israel's independence on Yom Ha'atsmaut.

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