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WELCOME TO POLAND! Oh so Polish trip! :D I have completed every major cities and most of major attractions in Poland BUT to make polish happy, YES there is alot more places to visit! The best trip I have done this year and what an pack of adventure in just 2 weeks! I did do some couchsurfing, stayed in some hotels and apartments and its so cheap apart from losing my Iphone again! I went to Sowa Sol, Zielona Gora, Wiechlice, Wroclaw, Krakow, Auschwitz - Oświęcim, Zakopane, Warsaw, Gdnask, Sopot and Poznan in just 2 weeks! i been told I'm more Polish than most Polish people. :D The weather was beautiful everyday and I walk so much and do much as I can in just 2 weeks and cheap beer of course! I love the polish food, vodka! and polish people are so lovely! Oh Polish girls are so beautiful! I will be coming back to Poland for sure as Polish hospitality is awesome! :D Thanks to my polish friends who made my trip amazing, you know who you are. ;) love you all. :) Poland is such an beautiful place and you should visit! :) Here are the photos from the trip: Using 5D Mark iii Canon camera for making short film of the beautiful Poland. Using 17 - 40 L Canon len. Including GoPro Camera. Please share and enjoy! Shot on 21st April - 5th May 2015 in Poland. Media Creative Production. One copyright music: Another's are from

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